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Paintball (Regular paintball and  Low Impact paintball)

No time limit.  Average game is anywhere from 2 to 4 hours.

$10.00 (includes semi-marker, full head gear, coveralls, neck protector, gloves)

Field Fee $10.00                                                                                           

Paintballs (gst included in prices)
100 - $10.00
500 - $30.00
2000- $110.00 (speedball players and heavy shooters will be given discounts on full cases)

Package # 1 500 balls, rentals and field fee         $50.00

Package # 2 300 balls, rentals and field fee         $40.00

Package # 3 200 balls, rentals and field fee $30.00

Sniper Package 500 balls, upgrade marker, pod pack and field fee          $65.00

Stealth Package 500 ball, upgrade marker, pod pack and field fee   $65.00

Group Rate (20 or more players)
500 Paintballs + Rentals for $45.00
Group Organizer gets a free marker upgrade.

(Speed ball players and heavy shooters will be given discounts on full cases)

Air fills are free when playing at Silver Creek

Low Impact Birthday Special  $225.00     Includes 200 paintballs per player, full low impact rentals, coveralls and field fee for 8 players.

Low Impact Paintball uses a smaller paintball marker and smaller paintballs than regular paintball and shoots at a much slower velocity. See home page for a description of Low Impact Paintball. Players as young as 8 can play Low Impact Paintball.


Splat Master 


Splat Master  Great for beginner players. ( minimum age is 8) A Fun family game. 

Splatmaster Special :$200

$200 (includes rental gun and mask, coveralls, 2 hours of playtime with unlimited paint per person for up to 8 players) add $25.00 for each additional player. The Splatmaster special is just for Splatmaster.


Splat Master is different from paintball. The balls are much smaller (.50 calibre) and shoot at a much slower rate than paintball (135 feet per second vs 280 feet per second for paintball). The impact created from Splat Master balls is much less than paintball, we provide coveralls, neck protection and full head gear for those who want it. Splat Master is a very fun and exciting game for players who are too young to start paintball or for players who want to play the game without the impact of a regular paintball. The minimum group size for Splat Master is 8 players. Players as young as 8 can play Splat Master. Before playing, the group will be taken to the target range and taught how to safely handle the equipment, a ref will supervise the group through all of the playing fields. Safety is always #1


Saturday: Field Fee $30. Airsoft players will rotate fields with paintball players. Entire field may be booked for Airsoft after 4:00 with a minimum of 80 players.
Sunday:    Field Fee $25. Airsoft players will rotate fields with paintball players. 1/2 field may be booked anytime with minimum 50 players, full field may be booked anytime with minimum 100 players.

All Paintball rules apply to Airsoft players. Only certified sealed airsoft goggles are allowed. Safety glasses are not allowed on field.


CO2 fills 9 oz$5.00, 12 oz $6.00, 16 oz $7.00, 20 oz and up $8.00 (you must call before coming out for a fill)

Field Paint Only

By reservation only


Commonly asked questions:

Q: How old do you have to be to play?

 A: Around 10 years old (or big enough so that the goggles will safely fit), 8 years old for Splat Master

Q:Does it hurt?

A: A close range shot can sting for a second or two, but we provide extra protection for anyone who needs it and we have mercy rules to try to avoid close range shots.

Q: Can we bring alcohol?

A: No. Our insurance does not allow alcohol on the property

Q: Can we just show up without a reservation?

A: You need a reservation to bring a group, if you do not have 6 or more players we will try to find a group for you to join up with, or you can join walk on Saturdays or Sundays at 1:00

Q: Do you have HPA(high pressure air)

A: Yes we have HPA and Co2 fills.

Q: Can we bring our own food ?

A: Yes, we have BBQ's you can use free of charge. If you dont bring food we have a hot dog concession available, as well as beverages, chips, bars and ice cream treats.

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