We have a great selection of diverse fields for you to choose to play on. Please click on any of the images to see a larger view of that image.

The Town

The Town is over 2 acres of buildings, vehicles and bunkers. This field has lights for night games and is wired with speakers to play your favourite music.

The Fort

This 10,000 ft2 Fort is surrounded by bunkers for the attackers and has 8 turrets as well as bunkers inside for the defenders.

The Houses

The House field consists of 3 two story houses surrounded with bunkers, making for some very intense action.

The Forest

Over 86,000 ft2 of forest streching through the Silver Creek Valley with over 70 bunkers built into the trees. This makes for the ultimate game of capture the flag.

The Bale Field

The Bale Field covers a large area with lots of bales. It has 4 start points and is full of action.


Regulation size speedball field. Enjoy this competitive course!

Military Field

The Military field. One side has the crashed airplane in enemy territory. The other side has the “Black Hawk” helicopter. The military side must move in to rescue the pilot from the downed plane.

Cops and Robbers Field

The Cops and Robbers field is one of our new fields for 2016. The Cops start at the SWAT van, the Robbers start inside the bank and try to make their getaway!

The Spools

The Spool Field consists of over 500 spools set up around a center flag!